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Zamak alloys are usually used in electronics for the production of telephony components, electric engines, switches and selectors, signage, hardware, electro-hydraulic distributors, heat sinks and equipment frames.


Zamak alloys are used for mechanical components. Particularly, it is possible to produce gears, pulleys, cardan joints, boxes for engines, bearing supports.


Zamak confirms its wide use also in the lighting sector, since it is possible to melt with this material different components with every aesthetic application for interiors, design or functional.
Some examples may be bases and details for lamps, spotlights, intercom bases, switch cover plates with different types of finishes.

hydro-thermal health

The health sector has also been invaded by this material: precision fittings, technical details with threads obtained directly from the molding, with standardized degrees of precision are some of the numerous examples of application.

Any type of control lever and chrome taps and fittings of various kinds can be produced with zamak.


Thanks to the quality of die castings, gas components can also be made of zamak. Gas regulators for civil and industrial use, fittings, valves and faucets are just some of the examples of the application of this material.


The automotive sector has determined one of the successes of the zamak. Using this material, it is possible to made components for antennas, airbag, handles, locks, windshield wipers, rear-view mirrors, safety belts, horns, lighting, carburetors, fuel caps, mechanisms for opening roofs, heating and air conditioning, wheel counterweights.


In this sector the zamak material is used to make grippers, guides and their various components.


Zamak has proved to be particularly performing in construction field. We are able to create items such as handles, keys, gardening components, blinds, faucets and bathroom accessories, mechanisms for windows and shutters, small metal parts, switch plates, hinges, components for locks, bolts, fittings, air conditioning and ventilation.



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