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Zamak alloy, come into existence in the 1920s-1930s, is made of high purity zinc combined with small percentages of aluminum, magnesium and copper. Thanks to the contribution of these elements we obtain advantages such as resistance, versatility, excellent castability and cost-effectiveness of the process.

Choosing Zamak means relying on an environmentally friendly material

Zamak die-casting process disperses negligible emission levels in the air and in the water. Furthermore, production waste is recyclable and energy consumption is very low.

Zamak has an excellent level of thermal conductivity.

Zinc alloys have a higher hardness than aluminum and magnesium ones and have characteristics similar to those of brass alloys but are much cheaper. Zamak also has a significantly greater capacity of resistance than aluminum, magnesium and plastics alloys.

Zamak alloy ensures dimensional stability

The zamak alloy ensures the production of not only functional items, but also products with a high aesthetic profile.

Another reason for choosing zamak is the possibility of applying high quality finishes on die cast products. In addition, it makes it possible to optimize not only process times, but also operating costs, making production highly competitive. Zinc alloys offer excellent corrosion resistance in normal atmospheric environment and in contact with petroleum products. The corrosion resistance, in particularly hostile environments such as salt fog, is further increased if the castings undergo a process of galvanic finishing (zinc plating, nickel plating, chrome plating).

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